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We want you to express what Siouxland's Sleep-Out and/or Homelessness means to you. Put on your creative hats and design a shelter that exhibits the following criteria:

• Education/theme regarding homelessness

• Creativity

• Warmth

• Comfort

• Livability

Remember that in addition to promoting awareness on homelessness, your shelter also needs to be as warm and comfortable as possible for you to spend the night. If you are doing a box-shelter bring a tarp to put under (or over) the shelter in case of inclement weather.

Siouxland Sleep Out Box ContestAll entry forms must be received by 9 p.m. November 2 in order to be eligible for the contest. You will receive a number to attach to your shelter. Bring the finished design to the stadium or create your box design at the stadium.

• Judging will take place starting at 9 p.m. with the winners announced shortly thereafter.

• Judging will be a panel format.

• Judging will occur in four divisions: Youth Division I (through middle school) Youth Division II (high school) Young Adult (college students) & Adult Division


The following awards will be presented in each Division:

Best in Show - this award will go to the shelter design that best represents the following criteria: education/theme, creativity, warmth, comfort, and livability.

Best Education/Theme - this award will go to the design that best promotes homelessness awareness: the issues, available resources, a call to action, etc.

Grand Prize for Overall Best in Show - this award combines all criteria.


We thank you VERY much for your participation! I mean, seriously, who else would volunteer to make a fancy cardboard box, then sleep in it. In Iowa. In November. Thank you!

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